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Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid TV Ad - Behind The Scenes

What's better than winning an award? Winning it two years in a row.

And that's exactly what the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid has done, picking up Best Hybrid at the annual WhatCar? Awards for a second consecutive year. It seemed fitting to celebrate the achievement, and showcase just how efficient IONIQ is, in a brand-new TV advert. And so it was that back in February, in a cold studio in West London, we found ourselves on set, filming 'The Amazing Drop Of Fuel'.

Airing in April 2019, the ad introduces the idea that through the IONIQ's clever hybrid system that combines electric power and petrol power, a single droplet of ordinary fuel can do extraordinary things.

Watch The Amazing Drop Of Fuel

In the film, a drop of fuel falls gracefully through the air, set to a rousing rendition of the classical piece 'The Blue Danube by Strauss', interacting in a rather surprising way with the objects it makes contact with.

It was shot in super slow-motion on a Phantom Onyx - the same camera used in Solo: A Star Wars Story - which is capable of filming at up to 12,000 frames per second. That's 480 times slower than normal video, which means one second of filming would take up to eight minutes to watch back. Our ad wasn't filmed quite that slowly, but slow enough that every moment looks absolutely stunning.

Technically it was a work day, but to us, it was just a good excuse to have fun to create some drama in slow-motion, make a bit of a mess, and celebrate the success of our IONIQ Hybrid in style.

The award winning IONIQ Hybrid is a perfect replacement for any traditional combustion engine family car. The electric motor and engine work seamlessly together to deliver maximum efficiency and there's no better time to discover the range with our current offer to save £1000 off when you test drive and buy* an IONIQ Hybrid.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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