Transforming the World with Film, Powered by IONIQ 5
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Transforming the World with Film, Powered by IONIQ 5

Transforming the World with Film, Powered by IONIQ 5

The IONIQ 5 transforms city streets to bring to life Hyundai’s sponsorship of film across the Channel 4 network.

Film has the power to change your world. It takes you to somewhere new, whether that’s a different planet or a different moment in time. Over the coming months you may see a series of short adverts (also known as idents) throughout films across the Channel 4 network that celebrate this transformative nature of film.

Shot at night at locations in Liverpool and Manchester, the idents aim to transform these usual city scenes into cinematic wonderlands, with some unexpected consequences from passers-by.

Making use of IONIQ 5’s Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology, that lets the car power other appliances, the idents begin with technicians plugging a projector into the IONIQ 5 and pointing it out of the passenger window. The car then sets off on a journey to transform the streets with projections inspired by different genres of film.

The shots were filmed for real and enhanced during post-production. The idents recreate range of film genres in a few unlikely locations, including a cowboy cantering down a city street

As well as a flying saucer landing by a tower block, a dinosaur making an unwelcome appearance for someone out for a night-time stroll and even transporting a motorcycle rider to outer space.

The footage was filmed at locations around the University of Liverpool and the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester. To create such an impact required a team of experts within projection, lighting and cinematography. Here you can see some of them in action.

The talented team who helped bring it to life:

DIRECTOR     Ewan Jones Morris

PRODUCTION COMPANY     Friends Electric

DOP     John Lynch

EXEC PRODUCER     Barney Richard

PRODUCER     Giles Edward-N

PRODUCER     Isabella Parish        


POST-PRODUCTION COMPANY     Electric Theatre Collective

VFX SUPERVISOR     Ryan Knowles

POST PRODUCER     Marie OBrien

COLOURIST     Connor Coolbear

LEAD 2D ANIMATOR     Ruben Llusia

2D ASSISTS     Bradley Cocksegde, CJ Gaikwad, Nicola Borsari, Ralph Briscoe, Stirling Archibald

CG     Piers Limberg

BESPOKE ANIMATION     Future Power Station

MUSIC COMPOSER    Anna Meredith

SOUND DESIGN     Chris Taylor-Morris @ Guilt Free Post



HEAD OF CREATIVE     Dom Sweeney

CREATIVE     Fenton Saward

ACCOUNT MANAGER     Lauren Saker

AGENCY PRODUCER     Emma Smalley

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