When I’m older I want a car that
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When I’m older I want a car that...

Find out why the future is closer than you might think with Hyundai

We all expect a lot from our cars but some of us demand that little bit extra. Fortunately, the future is closer than you might think. Now, where’s that cape?

“When I’m older, I want a car that will take me into space”

Cars may not be capable of intergalactic travel just yet, but if they were, the view might be a little bit like that from inside the New Tucson. That’s because the panoramic sunroof floods the car with light and, even better, with a magical view of the stars at night.

The car gives a great performance that has nothing to do with top speed. Its high-up driving position gives a fantastic view and a feeling of total safety, it’s comfortable, packed full of the latest technology, and has a big boot… making it a tremendous set-up for the whole family.

But it’s a particular treat for the little (and even the not-so-little!) ones in the back seats, who have sometimes felt like an afterthought when developing an enjoyable place to spend a trip. Rear seat passengers have sometimes felt like second-class citizens, crammed in the back, but that isn’t the case with the New Tucson.

Meanwhile, everyone will stay entertained on their voyage to the stars (or just down to the shops) thanks to Apple CarPlayTM and AndroidTM Auto. Add in a premium audio system and you have an SUV that’s ideal for long family days out.

All that and (as long as you’re not driving) you can get lost in the stars at the same time. Isn’t it about time you blasted off on an adventure?

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“When I’m older, I want a car that is very, (very) clever”

Hyundai’s cars have all got cutting-edge smarts, but IONIQ’s arrival took that up a level. As the first car on the planet to offer three different electrified powertrains – Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and a fully Electric version – in one body shape, IONIQ has been conceived and designed from the wheels up with genuine innovation at its heart.

For example, when you brake in an ordinary car, all the kinetic energy from the car’s forward momentum is wasted. IONIQ uses a clever regenerative braking system so when you slow down, the wheels turn the electric motor which doubles as a generator, sending energy back to the battery.

And while you’re accelerating in third gear, for example, the second clutch already has fourth gear waiting. The result? Smooth gear changes that happen in a fraction of the time it takes to blink.

And when you realise that the door covers are made from recycled plastic, powdered wood and volcanic stone to reduce weight by 20 per cent, and that the weight of the parcel shelf has even been reduced by 25 per cent to take as much strain off the engine as possible, you start to understand that this is no ordinary runaround.

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“When I’m older, I want a car that has superpowers”

Whether they’re shooting webs or bending steel, our favourite superheroes have an array of powers to keep us mere mortals safe in times of peril. New Generation Santa Fe is so committed to your protection it should wear a cape!

To start with, it’s studious in its avoidance of collisions. The Autonomous Emergency Breaking System tries to avoid accidents by identifying dangerous situations and warning the driver. It can intervene by applying the brakes, and can even sense pedestrians and cyclists.

Forget kryptonite, the nemesis of our superhero has always been the blind spot. Until now. The Blind Spot Detection System constantly keeps an eye on the car’s blind spots using two sensors in the rear bumper. If you indicate when an object is detected, the system will give you an audible and visual warning. If you keep moving in that direction, the system will apply the brakes to the wheels furthest from the danger to steer you away from any potential accident.

And New Generation Santa Fe has got your back at slow speeds, too. Reversing in a supermarket car park? The Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature uses radar sensors to scan 180° behind you, and will even brake if someone gets too close. And then there’s Smart Cruise Control, which keeps a safe distance between you and the car 
n front at all times... The future starts here!

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