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i20 boot space: What you need to know

The i20: what fits in the boot?

Find just how much the i20 will hold

As a small car with a powerful engine, the i20 suits those who need to combine both a compact vehicle with a range of features. One of the key issues with any car, though, is whether or not the boot space is sufficient for your needs. The Hyundai i20 boot space statistics are positive ones: with a maximum capacity of 336 litres, you can store everything from supermarket grocery bags to gear for a festival or event. This post will look at the options available with the i20 when it comes to boot-based storage. 

Festivals, events and holidays: Many Brits like to head off to major music festivals every now and again, and camping is also a popular holiday choice - both for groups of friends and for families. If you’re going off on a holiday which requires a tent or another piece of camping equipment, then the Hyundai i20 boot dimensions are suitable: there’s enough room to take a large collapsed tent in the boot of this vehicle, and you’ll be able to fit a couple of extra items like a barbecue in there too. If you’re driving to the airport to head off on holiday, the Hyundai i20’s boot can take two or three standard-sized suitcases.

Household tasks: This model is well-proportioned for its class, so it can be used as a runaround for the whole family. Getting the kids from baby group back home, for example, is easy: the Hyundai i20 boot size is large enough to take a buggy, and it can be rolled in thanks to the adjustable-height floor of the boot. With two hooks designed for bags built into the boot of these cars, the Hyundai i20 boot capacity is also useful when it comes to tasks such as taking your shopping home.

- Sports equipment: Whether you’re a tennis player with a bag of rackets to transport or a football player with a collapsible goalpost you need to take to practice, the Hyundai i20 boot space can accommodate your items. If your sports equipment is a little too big for the i20 boot space, you can collapse the back seats and make full use of the 1,042 litre combined boot-seat area too. With the Hyundai i20 boot false floor taken out, a small bag of golf clubs will fit into the rear of the Hyundai i20 as well - so getting a round in up at the course will be simple and easy. 

It’s apparent, then, that the Hyundai i20 can carry most of your items - and with a good amount of height and legroom available in the passenger areas of the car, too, the boot space won’t cause an uncomfortable journey either.

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