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Chelsea FC Women captain shows you how to fake and move

Chelsea FC Women captain Magdalena Eriksson shows you how to fake and move

If you have followed our Home Advantage initiative – in partnership with Chelsea FC - over the past few weeks, chances are you are on your way to becoming a better footballer.

With the expertise of the Chelsea Foundation coaches and first team players, we have shared some brilliant coaching tips and challenges to help you work on your dribbling, passing, turns and ball mastery.

This week, our new ‘Home Advantage: Fakes & Moves’ video, is all about technique, creativity and confidence. Senior Chelsea Foundation coach Andrew Ottley and Chelsea FC Women’s captain Magdalena Eriksson show you a few tricks to beat your opponent in a one-on-one situation on the football pitch with a series of drills and moves, including:

·Dropping a shoulder – with this move, you will be able to get past the defender by simply driving towards them, dropping your shoulder – making the defender put the weight on the wrong leg – and then driving away.


·Step over – this slightly more advanced move requires you to step over the ball, trying to get the defender off balance, and then drive away past the defender.

·Double step over – a variation of the step over, you will have to step over the ball twice using both feet to create momentum and drive away past the defender.

Remember to practice these moves and drills in a safe environment. For this week’s exercises, you might need a bit more space than usual as well as an opponent. This could be a member of your family, but it could also be any object in your household. As you will see in the video, Magdalena uses a plant!

Do you want to show off your moves? Have a go at the drills in our video and make sure to send us your attempts online using #HyundaiFC.

Chelsea FC Women captain Magdalena Eriksson said:

“Learning new moves and fakes is really important and practicing as a young player is all you can do really. As long as you have a little bit of space, there’s always the possibility to train. It’s also about finding the confidence and being brave enough to use your moves and fakes that you’ve learnt. Hopefully, practicing outside will give you the confidence you need to be able to do your moves and fakes in a game and maybe help your team score a goal.”

Home Advantage is part of our Hyundai FC grassroots programme, which has allowed us to impact over 200 grassroots players throughout the UK. However, with the programme on hold, as the nation follows government guidelines to stay at home, we are bringing Hyundai FC to homes across the nation to help you improve your game using the expertise of the Chelsea Foundation coaches and first team players.

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