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Hyundai and Chelsea FC launch Hyundai FC 'Home Advantage'

Hyundai and Chelsea FC launch weekly video series to give your football skills the Home Advantage

As part of our partnership with Chelsea FC, we’ve teamed up with the club to launch Hyundai FC ‘Home Advantage’; a new content series to help budding footballers up and down the country develop their skills during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Through our Hyundai FC grassroots programme, we have been able to impact over 200 grassroots players throughout the UK. However, with the programme on hold, as the nation follows government guidelines to stay at home, we are bringing Hyundai FC to homes across the nation. We’ve brought together the expertise of the Chelsea Foundation coaches and first team players in a one stop skills shop aimed at improving your game.

Each week a new episode will be released, focusing on a different skill. Every episode will include coaching tips and challenges to bring together the skills learned that week. Families are encouraged to film and share their attempts online using #HyundaiFC.

The first video, ‘Home Advantage: Dribbling’*, features Christian Pulisic and Michy Batshuayi, with Senior Chelsea Foundation coach Andrew Ottley taking you through four different types of dribbling drills, each one a must for any young player.

Phase 1: This is all about core dribbling skills, with a series of drills set between five cones in a straight line. The phase starts with dribbling the ball between the cones using your instep on each foot, before moving onto using one foot at a time (not forgetting to practice your weaker foot!) and then using both the inside and outside of both feet to navigate the cones. Once you’ve mastered the basics, we end by adding some step overs and rolls that will help you beat your opponent.

Phase 2: Building on the skills from the first phase, phase 2 focuses on dribbling whilst changing direction in a confined space. Close control is the name of the game in this phase - different objects are added to the drill as it progresses with aim to get as close to these objects as possible without touching them or losing control of the ball.

Phase 3: Now we add speed to close control. This involves dribbling in a figure of eight between two cones, moving at speed with the ball through a set of obstacles before completing another figure of eight. The aim here is to complete the course as quickly as you can without touching any of the obstacles. But remember, focus on speed and technique – they’re both equally important!

Phase 4: The final phase is bringing the techniques learned in the first three phases together in a timed, circuit challenge. Can you beat Andrew’s time of 21 seconds without knocking over any cones?

Chelsea Foundation international development manager Ian Woodroffe said:

“We know how challenging it can be for parents to keep their kids engaged during the lockdown and equally how eager children are to keep up to speed with their football skills when they’re unable to practice with their friends. The Hyundai FC Home Advantage content series brings Chelsea’s world class Foundation coaches to parents and children up and down the country, meaning when the time comes to get back on the football pitch, you’ll be sure to have the advantage over your opposition.

*We use cones in our videos, but you don’t need cones to benefit from these drills – similarly sized household objects (so long as you have the permission of the owner!) will serve the same purpose and ensure that when football returns you’re ready to return too.

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