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Lampard talks importance of first touch in last Home Advantage episode

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard and superstar striker Olivier Giroud teach the importance of the first touch

Throughout lockdown we've been teaming up with Chelsea FC to bring you the Hyundai Home Advantage series, keeping you active at home and allowing your footballers to keep improving their skills.

In this final episode, with the guidance of Chelsea FC Head Coach Frank Lampard, we focus on the first touch in football, the most important touch in the game. Senior Chelsea Foundation coach Andrew Ottley, and Chelsea FC's superstar striker Olivier Giroud show you a series of drills to gain the upper hand against your opponents through mastering the first touch.

Speaking of the importance of the first touch in the game, Lampard said:



"The first touch in football is the most important touch. How you receive the ball and where your first touch puts the ball to make your next action as good as it can be is very important...If you practice a lot you'll find it will help you when it comes to playing games. It's certainly something that I worked on a lot in my career. The more practice you make on your first touch the better it will be and it is then obviously going to help your game."

The drills include:

·Drill one – Positioning yourself in a square-shaped area, hold the ball out in front of yourself with your hands at shoulder width apart. Drop the ball, using the top of your foot to cushion and control it, keeping it in the area.

·Drill two – Positioned in a narrow rectangle space, with two wall-like obstacles either side to play off, pass into the wall and control the ball with the inside and then the outside of your foot. As you progress, use the rectangular space to weave in and out of the area with the ball once controlled. Once you get better, try using both obstacles to play both ways.

·Drill three – Work on your first touch in the air. Throw the ball lightly against a wall, and as it comes back to you, work on your laces touch to receive and keep it under control. As you build through the drill, use both the inside and outside of your foot to receive the ball with the first touch,  and then keep it under control, before building onto receiving the ball with your thigh, and then your chest.

Keep practicing all these drills and you'll be on your way to mastering the first touch just like Blues boss Frank Lampard! Make sure to send us your attempts online using #HyundaiFC.

Chelsea Foundation International Development Manager Ian Woodroffe said:

“We are delighted to have kept young players and their parents engaged and active throughout lockdown, providing a variety of skills sessions through the Hyundai Home Advantage series. In this last episode, with the help of Lampard and Giroud, we show just how vital the first touch can be in football to gain the upper hand against the opposition. Keep practicing and we hope many young players can keep improving their skills at home through these videos.”

Home Advantage is part of our Hyundai FC grassroots programme, which has allowed us to impact over 200 grassroots players throughout the UK. However, with the programme on hold, as the nation follows government guidelines to stay at home, we are bringing Hyundai FC to homes across the nation to help you improve your game using the expertise of the Chelsea Foundation coaches and first team players.

You can find all 6 episodes for Hyundai Home Advantage on the Chelsea YouTube page here and here on the Hyundai Football page. Keep practicing wherever you are!

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