Billy Gilmour showing his control of the ball

Master the ball like Billy Gilmour in this week's Home Advantage video

Learn how to control the ball like Billy Gilmour in this week’s Hyundai FC Home Advantage video

Young Chelsea star Billy Gilmour shows off his ball mastery skills in this week’s Hyundai FC Home Advantage initiative, as he demonstrates a perfect Maradona7... juggles the ball with both feet, thighs, shoulders and head in an impressive keepy-uppy sequence.

Earlier in our Home Advantage series, Billy helped demonstrate passing skills for footballers across the country to work on (you can check out the second episode here), and now he is showing budding footballers how to hone their control skills at home.

Chelsea FC Women’s defender Hannah Blundell also features in the video, as she works on some drills from the comfort of her home. On the importance of close control, Hannah said:

“As a young player, it is important to develop balance and close control with both feet, especially if you want to be an attacking or creative player.”

In the episode, focused on close control and ball mastery, young players at home are taken through a range of drills that can be replicated at home as shown by Senior Chelsea Foundation coach Andrew Ottley, including:

· Drill One – Composed of different phases of increasing difficulty, this drill will help you control the ball using different parts of your feet whilst moving in different directions. From using the inside of your feet to using the sole of your foot, if you practice these drills you will be able to control the ball with confidence when you run around the pitch – remember to get your head up every now and then to see how your teammates are moving around you!

· Drill Two – Focuses on manipulating and moving the ball around an H-shaped area whilst moving forward, backwards and sideways – the goal of this drill is to move around your course as quickly as possible using a variety of different motions and sequences

· Drill Three – Teaches some juggling moves, starting from how to correctly kick the ball and use different parts of your body to keep the ball up and ending with how to do an around the world to impress your friends

Do you think you can you master the ball like Billy and Hannah? Have a go at the drills and make sure to send us your attempts online using #HyundaiFC.

Home Advantage is part of our Hyundai FC grassroots programme, which has allowed us to impact over 200 grassroots players throughout the UK. However, with the programme on hold, as the nation follows government guidelines to stay at home, we are bringing Hyundai FC to homes across the nation to help you improve your game using the expertise of the Chelsea Foundation coaches and first team players.


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