Hyundai & Ren Harvieu Commission New Song 'Electric Feels'

Hyundai & Ren Harvieu Commission New Song 'Electric Feels'

Hyundai & Ren Harvieu Commission New Song 'Electric Feels'

Hyundai today announces an exclusive new track called ‘Electric Feels,’ written and performed by critically acclaimed UK artist Ren Harvieu. The song, performed by Ren, was co-written with Romeo Stodart.

Hyundai commissioned Ren to create ‘Electric Feels’, released by Bella Union, as part of its commitment to eco-mobility and to draw attention to the possibilities of an electric future, with more alternatively fuelled cars on the road.

The track is an emotive dose of sassy synth pop and takes inspiration from Ren’s  experiences during lockdown, including the changing sound of the city she witnessed, as our roads emptied and air pollution improved. To Harvieu, Electric Feels is about the sensation we experience during flashes of clarity and little epiphanies we experience throughout life, whether from a new love or perspective of the world. Seven years after her Top 5 debut album, Salford singer, Ren recently overcame a life threatening back injury to release her new album ‘Revel in the Drama’ in April.

Ren said: “When I was approached by Hyundai about the concept of Electric Feels, it resonated with me immediately. ”

“I’d already been thinking about the changes that I’ve seen in cities across the country, quieter roads, less air pollution and I think we’ve been given a small window into what a more sustainable future could look like. ” 

“This campaign is about getting people to think about the environment and make that switch to electric. For me this is a really important message.”

Stream or download Ren Harvieu’s track, ‘Electric Feels’, here.

*This is Hyundai’s fifth year as the lead sponsor of the Hyundai Mercury Prize. The 2020 Hyundai Mercury Prize show will be available to stream on September 23rd. Please find the full broadcast and winner announcement schedule here.

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