#DriveTheChange: Ade Thomas
Drive the change

Drive the Change: Ade Thomas

#DriveTheChange Episode 7

“It’s a really exciting time for young people to be able to deploy ideas that they come up with, at pace and at scale, that answer some of the biggest questions of our age.”

In Conversation with Ade Thomas

We have been travelling across the UK powered by IONIQ 5, to speak with changemakers about how we can all take steps to live a more sustainable life.

Our penultimate stop of the tour took us to see Ade Thomas in Oxford. Ade is a sustainability communications expert and activist with a passion for electric vehicles’ potential for transformation: he founded Green.TV, which is also behind the EV Summit, World EV Day, and more recently, the Decarbonisation Summit.

Ade spoke with Jamie Anley about his optimism and excitement for the future, and the potential that electric vehicles offer in driving real changes for our day-to-day lives.

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