#DriveTheChange: Jane Davidson
Drive the change

Drive the Change: Jane Davidson

#DriveTheChange Episode 8

“There is pressure to buy, buy, buy all the time - for them to go to landfill. I want to do everything I can to take out waste. Instead of take-make-waste, which is a linear economy, we are promoting a circular economy.”

In Conversation with Jane Davidson

We have been travelling across the UK powered by IONIQ 5, to speak with changemakers about how we can all take steps to live a more sustainable life.

On our last stop on the tour, we travelled to Wales to visit Jane Davidson. Jane was the Welsh Minister for Education and Environment, becoming most famous for her world-leading legislation ‘The Future Generations Act’ that ensured a duty to deliver on sustainable development.

Jane tells us how Wales has been a pioneer in driving sustainable change, including being the first to implement charges on carrier bags across the UK and being among the best in the world for recycling.

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