Before 7

Do More Before 7

What would it take to get you out of bed earlier?

Throughout the summer, the sun rises earlier, giving us two more minutes of light every day. While getting up earlier to enjoy this extra light might sound difficult, it can make a real difference. We've discovered that some of the most innovative people are the ones who make the most of their early mornings and get a head start on their day. And it's not just necessarily getting ahead of work; it's about taking some time for yourself and doing what makes you feel good. Something we often forget about.

Checking emails and planning good deeds may be a good way to get ahead pre-7am, but yoga is also an effective morning ritual that positively sets you up for the day. Rachel Carrell, one of the seven contributors we met for our #before7 campaign, practices yoga pre-7am to help balance a busy day of running her business and looking after her child.

Exercise is a popular way to start the day. But we also met those that used the hours just after daybreak for their passion projects, like Carpenter Dave Halley. Dave uses this peace to build his own boat from scratch, relishing the time to be able to work on his own craft, and to work at his own pace.

A compact SUV can make a real difference when you need to take an early morning adventure. From stacking up your surfboards to storing your photography equipment, the Hyundai TUCSON can help you seize the day.

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