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KONA Stand Out

How KONA inspired us to stand against online trolling.

The All-New KONA isn't your average car. As our first BSUV, we wanted to create a brave, bold design and an attitude which attracts non-conformists; real people who go against the grain and are unafraid to be themselves. But as we all know, individuality comes at a cost. When you stand out, you attract as much love as you do hate. KONA inspired us to rise above the hate and own our individuality. So we decided to tackle an issue that everyone can relate to: online trolling.

To kick off, we worked with performance Poet Vanessa Kissule to create a series of films to help counteract negative comments. Teaming up with three bold influencers, we read out hateful comments they had received and gave them a positive spin with a confident, poetic rebuke.

The campaign not only empowered others to be themselves but to celebrate their individuality. Because after all, it’s better to Stand Out than draw no opinion at all.

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