Charge myHyundai : All-in-one charging app

Hyundai launches ‘Charge myHyundai’ – a public EV charging service

Charging has never been easier or more accessible.

It has never been easier to charge your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Welcome to Charge myHyundai: a comprehensive and easy-to-use public charging solution that gives you access to over 165,000 charge points in 29 European countries of which 15,000 are in the UK alone.

1 App. 1 Card. 1 Invoice. More than 165,000 Charge Points

• Access to more than 15,000 public charging points in the UK (part of over 165,000 public charging points in 29 European countries)
• All charging sessions & invoices available in the Charge myHyundai app
• Flexible, easy and transparent tariff where you pay as you go
• No more range anxiety



Charge myHyundai offers a pay as go tariff which makes charging convenient, efficient and simple, offering easy payment and a single, straightforward monthly bill.

Already more than 15,000 charge points in the UK

With Charge myHyundai, we are offering our customers a comprehensive public charging which allows drivers to use multiple charging stations without the need for additional contracts with providers. The Charge myHyundai app gives users access to the charging network map, product details, invoices and account management.

Get the app. Find a charger anywhere.

The Charge myHyundai experience can be enhanced through the Charge myHyundai app which is available for iOS and Android. With the Charge myHyundai app you can search for charge points, apply various filter options (such as plug type, charging speed, access type etc.) and even get real-time updates on charging fees and availability. The Charge myHyundai app also comes with navigation function and an intelligent route planner.

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