NEXO Clean Driving

NEXO – the emission free car that cleans the air.

Clean up London’s most polluted route with the Hyundai NEXO

This October is Clean Driving™ Month from Hyundai and what better way to celebrate than with the brand new NEXO - our next generation hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle which is not only zero emissions but even cleans the air as it drives.  We call it ‘clean emissions.’

The NEXO is not just one of the cleanest cars around; NEXO is a truly unique SUV that combines futuristic design with a fantastic driving range of up to 414 miles and the latest advanced driver assistance systems.

As part of Clean Driving™ Month, we’ve worked with University College London to map a driving route of the most polluted roads in London.

How did we map the most polluted route in London?

UCL reviewed open source data from a King’s College London pollution study to look at Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels and Particulate Matter (PM) levels. Scientists from the UCL team analysed heat maps that showed the mean levels of PM and NO2 levels throughout London.

The proposed route incorporates the areas of Central and outer London that have the highest levels of pollutants – which exceed the limits set by the EU.

10,000 NEXO’s driving on the road would produce a carbon reduction effect equivalent to planting 600,000 trees.

So, how exactly does NEXO work?

A fuel cell vehicle may look like a conventional car but underneath it is very different. Fuel cell technology works by passing hydrogen and oxygen through a fuel cell stack. A chemical reaction within the stack generates electricity which powers an electric motor that propels the vehicle - while emitting nothing but water.

The NEXO, which is available next year, has an advanced air purification system which filters 99.9% of very fine dust (PM2.5), and shows the exact amount of air purified on the display panel in the car each time you drive.

Fuel cell electric vehicles need oxygen, pulled from the air, to create the chemical reaction with hydrogen and this needs to be clean air.

But, the NEXO is different to other fuel cell vehicles because it’s specifically designed and integrates three steps of highly efficient air filtering.

Step 1 - outside air goes through the air filter where over 97% of ultrafine particles are filtered.

Step 2 – even more particles are then absorbed on the surface of the humidifier.

Step 3 - finally the air reaches the fuel cell stack which is made of a special carbon-fibre paper with a microspore structure.  This means that the air released has over 99.9 per cent of ultrafine particles filtered out.

When NEXO is driven for one hour, 26.9 kilograms of air is purified. This is the amount of air that 42 adults breathe in one hour. Put it another way, 10,000 NEXO’s driving on the road would produce a carbon reduction effect equivalent to planting 600,000 trees.


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