Hyundai takes home four wins from the What Car? Awards

Hyundai takes home four wins from the What Car? Awards

The four What Car? Awards highlight our market-leading innovation in alternative-fuelled cars.

At the annual renowned What Car? Awards we won a total of four prestigious accolades, including three that highlight our innovation in alternative-fuelled vehicles. Chief among them was the Technology Award, for our work in electrification and the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

“Hyundai won not only for building the EV with the greatest real-world range we’ve tested so far [KONA Electric], but also for leading the way in developing the hydrogen fuel cell technology that could one day offer car buyers greater electric range without the hassle of recharging a battery”.
“We think the regular IONIQ is the best hybrid car you can buy, but it’s also among the very best plug-in hybrids at any price.”

What Car? experts also named the IONIQ Hybrid, ‘Hybrid Car of the Year’ for the second year in a row, for offering “the most polished all-round package” of all its competitors. With its combination of efficient 1.6-litre petrol engine and electric motor, the IONIQ Hybrid is capable of 62.4MPG (WLTP figure) and CO2 emissions of 84g/km. The IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid was also named as What Car?’s ‘Best Plug-in Hybrid for less than £30,000’.

The IONIQ family – the world’s first car to be offered with three different electrified powertrains – also includes the IONIQ Electric, which offers buyers a zero emissions range of up to 174 miles, and is priced from £26,745 (including PICG).

“It’s an absolute pleasure to see Hyundai’s innovative work in powertrains rewarded by the most trusted name in automotive consumer publishing. Our electric and hybrid technology is entering the mainstream at an incredible pace, and our commitment to reducing emissions across our range will not stop there with a total of 18 new electrified models in the plan by 2025.”

Our fourth and final win of the evening went to the i30 N, which was celebrated as the ‘Best hot hatch for £22,000-£27,000’.

“Hyundai’s first hot hatch is great fun to drive and comes bristling with so much kit that you don’t need to spend a penny on extras. It’s a hot hatch which pleases both head and heart,” said the What Car? judges.

“In a very short space of time, Hyundai has carved itself a reputation for class-leading hybrid, electric and even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, making it a worthy winner of both our Technology Award and our Hybrid Car of the Year title. But, its work at the opposite end of the spectrum can’t be ignored; the Hyundai i30 N entered the hot hatch market with a bang, bringing with it impeccable driving dynamics and incredible value for money.”
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